About AVA

My name is Eva Nouhet
and I am the founder of AVA Natural Skin Care: Natural, good-quality skin products, made from high quality (organic) oils from plants, nuts and seeds well known for their capacity to nourish, protect and repair the skin.

... means "breath of life" in old English and "waterfall" in Hindu and Persian.

My passion
Is actually part of my life. Growing up in the 70s and 80s with only organic food and alternative medicine was a unique experience at the time. My grandmother in France had a health food store. As a child, I often felt uncomfortable because my friends and girlfriends found it strange to hear about all those unknown things. Natural skin products did not yet have the quality they have today. Heavily packaged, awkward to use, they often smelt unpleasant and did not smooth the skin. As soon as possible, I also wanted to use "ordinary" products.
Until I started working in an "organic food shop" in 2003. And became increasingly aware of what was for sale. In the years that followed, organic became more and more popular, more people became interested in alternative nutrition and medicine and this has all become much more accessible.
Cosmetics are developing more slowly. But nowadays more and more people seem to be becoming aware.
Even if you do not use makeup, you absorb into your skin more than you think. Did you know that 60% of the products that are lubricated on the skin, also end up in the body? And nobody knows what impact these substances have on the body in the short or long term.

Natural care products that contain the best active oils from plants made available to conscious people. Products that care for, restore and protect the skin. Products without synthetic ingredients that minimize any negative environmental impact.

I want to make people aware of the care products they use and how they affect their health, that of their children and the environment. So that the amount of synthetic substances that end up in people and in the earth decrease.
That is why it is my mission to make the Netherlands in 2022 Europe’s most aware country in terms of the influence of external care on your body and the earth.
Choose consciously for natural and healthy beauty!

Kind regards,

Eva Nouhet
Ava Natural Skin Care