About AVA

AVA means "breath of life" in old English and "waterfall" in Hindi and Persian and stands for:

High-quality 100% natural skin care products that do not cut back on both the quantity and quality of the ingredients; as much as possible organic, from plants, nuts and seeds that have been proven to renew your cells and nourish your skin.

So that your dry, mature and sensitive skin visibly and tangibly improves.

Of course completely free of all possible harmful substances such as synthetic perfumes, parabens, PEGs, synthetic preservatives or microplastics.
Guaranteed not tested on animals and also free from animal ingredients.

On your skin = in your body = in the environment!
Many people don't seem to realize what they are putting on their skin every day and what it puts into your body and the environment.
I think it is important that people pay more attention to this, because we all use so many care products day in day out, and so we pollute our bodies and the environment so much. This is not necessary at all.

How it started
I grew up in the 1980s with a grandmother who had a health food store in France and a mother who worked as a psychic healer.
Organic food, natural care and meditation were very normal for me. At that time, this way of life was very little known.

In the past fifteen to twenty years I have seen how more and more people started practicing yoga, eating organic food and living more consciously.
Things like Mindfulness and alternative medicine were no longer seen as ‘floaty’ by more and more people.
The awareness about care products seemed to lag behind.

This was the reason for me to start a web shop in 2015 with only natural care products.
After a few years I noticed that I could not bring my own story to the outside world and so the idea arose to set up my own care line.

After a long and extensive investigation, a collaboration with a small, local laboratory specialized in natural care products followed and AVA natural skin care was launched in early 2018.
I would like my contribution to be that by 2030 at least half of the care products in the regular stores will be of natural origin.
Are you in?


AVA natural skin care