Mieke (after a first month of using this day cream)
The cream smells good and spreads beautifully, which makes it very economical in use. If my skin is really better after more than a month, I let you judge.
I noticed that the few grains of milium that I had decreased, and are almost gone. Probably because the skin is better nourished and less dry.
I find the packaging is very beautiful and looks very natural. And I think the pump is very convenient. So I can very well dose. For me the price corresponds to the quality of the cream.
Ilse (after a first month of using this day cream)
First of all, it was a pleasure to receive the cream. The packaging is durable and environmentally friendly. The pot of the cream itself too. I also like the fact that it has a pump (in fact, you have to practice a bit), the disadvantage may be that everything does not go out.
The scent is nice and natural. The cream is a little thicker than what I know and when it's cold, that's what I prefer. I think it's a bit too thick for the summer. I find it very difficult to judge if my skin will really get better. I had more problems with pimples than before using the cream. But the cause is not certain. I do not know yet how long the pot will last, which is important for me as a matter of quality / price ratio. For the moment, the price seems fair to me anyway.

Carla (after a first month of using this anti-aging cream)
I use this anti-aging cream for my face, it works very well, is wonderfully soft, absorbs well and has a subtle scent. My skin feels much better since I use this cream. Highly recommended also for sensitive skin!!!! The price / quality ratio is correct!

Betty (after a first month of using this anti-aging cream)
For me it is a delicious cream that works well! Pleasant scent not dominant, very good for me.
I like the packaging, nice colors with green, I love this green color. I also think that the bottle "cap" is ideal, but I think that people with muscular problems, rheumatism, etc. may have difficulties. Is very hygienic.                   
Shirley (before using this anti-aging cream)
Shirley (after a first month of using this anti-aging cream)

I tried this anti-aging cream for a month: what a great product! Before I started, my skin was very rough and it gave me a feeling of tightness. Now my skin feels soft and does not bother me anymore. It leaves a thin layer on the skin, but does not feel greasy. With the extremely cold days, I sometimes add a little more to be sure.
The fragrance is delicious and the packaging is beautiful. Very practical, with a pump so you do not have to put your fingers in a jar and never take too much. The price is worth it, because the quality is top! Highly recommended.